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Rural and Recreational Properties

Use experienced counsel to complete transactions involving rural properties such as farmland or vacant land, and recreational properties such as cottages, hunting and gaming tracts, and so on.  These properties involve different issues than urban residential properties.  Private water and sewage require inspection, approval and certification documents.  Tanked fuel (propane or fuel-oil) requires pre-fill and closing adjustment.  Wood heating requires WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certification.  Unorganized non-municipal land requires Provincial due diligence searches for taxes and restrictions.  Often these

Construction Financing

We are experienced in dealing with Construction Financing Mortgages and other Construction Financing arrangements. Construction financing can often involve complex security arrangements with cross-property financing, multiple guarantees, non-title security agreements, stacked mortgage security, interim draw conditions and so on. There are often complex funding conditions to navigate. We are experienced in bringing these mortgage and financing arrangements to completion for our clients and it is best to use experienced counsel on these deals in order to achieve your goals expertly

Real Estate Deals and Open Building Permits

Recently, we have had several real estate transactions with open municipal building permits on the property. Building permits remain open before the construction or renovation has passed final inspection by the municipal building inspector or if there are deficiencies that need to be completed. Open building permits present a challenge for sellers and buyers in real estate transactions and a real risk to the transaction. If work done on an open permit does not pass inspection or if the building

Navigating Decision-Making Respecting the Covid-19 Vaccine for Children

Recently, our firm was successful in representing a parent on a motion who wished to have their child vaccinated against Covid-19. The other parent subsequently brought a Stay motion, which was dismissed. As the successful party, we sought costs so that our client may recover a portion of their legal expenses for pursuing this issue.  We await the result of the costs award. Covid-19 remains a relevant and evolving issue in the Family Law sphere.  If you are seeking advice

How to Deal With Self-Reps in a Family Law Matter

Sometimes, individuals choose to represent themselves in their Family Law matter, as is their right under the Family Law Rules.  This alternative to retaining counsel might be tempting in light of the financial strain many Ontarians presently face.  Family Law matters are incredibly draining on all involved, and these stressors are often exacerbated when opposite a self-represented individual.  Our firm has expertise in addressing the additional considerations at play with respect to correspondence, knowledge of the Rules and noted case

Real Property; Non-Resident Seller.

We have acted for many clients who are non-resident Canadian taxpayers selling Canadian Capital Property. We have advised clients who are changing their residency status as they sell. And we have completed many transactions involving non-resident sellers. It is very important for clients who are non-resident or anticipating changing their residency status to seek accounting, tax and legal advice before selling a Canadian property. There are potentially serious tax consequences that might be avoided or mitigated with good advice and

Family Trust Settlements

We have recently completed the settlement of property out of a complex Family Trust, into the ownership of the trust beneficiaries. A trust is a legal entity that can hold assets, invest, and enter into contracts with third parties. There are a number of potential benefits to setting up a trust, including reducing tax payable on death, estate planning and the transfer of wealth, and protecting assets, among others. The recent trust settlement we acted on involved a number of

New Rent Relief for Commercial Tenants

The Government of Canada has introduced a new plan for assisting Commercial Tenants during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Ontario Allows Personal Real Estate Corporations (PREC’s)

Real Estate Agents and Brokers are now able to incorporate their own business through a Personal Real Estate Corporation. This can provide a variety of benefits to agents and brokers alike.

COVID-19: Are employers obligated to provide face masks to employees?

As all levels of government begin to ease restrictions on businesses opening up to the public, many employers are left in the dark with regard to their obligations to employees, specifically with regard to face masks in the work space. What are the responsibilities of the employer or employee, and who must bare the cost?