Who We Are

We believe in frank and realistic advice. We pride ourselves on listening well and looking at the broader context of our clients’ legal issues. We provide advice that extends beyond a simple, one-dimensional solution to the presenting problem.

Clients need to know where they stand in respect to the law, not where they wished they stood. While we focus on the tasks at hand, we also look to the horizon of our clients’ circumstances. We look forward to that moment when our client says, “oh, thanks, I hadn’t thought of that.”

Our Vision & Mission

We engage in a diverse range of approaches to solve our clients’ legal issues. We listen to our clients. We negotiate. We may mediate. We will use alternative dispute resolution techniques. We litigate when necessary. We avail ourselves of expert opinion when called for. We’ll apply the specialized approach that best suits our client and his or her issues and which most effectively reaches our clients’ goals. Throughout, we will tirelessly advocate for our clients’ position.

You will find our fees reasonable, our advice honest and our advocacy steadfast and goal oriented. The partners of Ecclestone, Hamer, Poisson, Neuwald & Freeman have well over a century of experience between them. We practice in a collegial professional atmosphere and regularly consult with one another regarding our files and clients.

Our profession is a business. We understand business realities. A profession is also in some ways more than a business and we take seriously our role as professionals and as officers of the court. We pride ourselves on achieving a high level of advocacy for our clients while maintaining the proper degree of respect for other members of our profession and the institutions of our legal system. We look forward to devoting our knowledge, experience and deep consideration to tailoring our legal services to the specific needs of each of our clients. We don’t believe ‘cookie-cutter’ legal solutions work best for our clients. We are most gratified when we have exceeded our clients’ expectations in the advice we give and in the resolution we apply to their legal affairs.

Our Past and Our Future

The modern practice of law requires a new approach with access to new technology and a fast-paced responsiveness.

The origins of our partnership date back to 1939 when Alfred Ecclestone was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He quickly secured a place in the law offices of Andrew Shuyler, Q.C.  Andrew Shuyler had previously practiced with a firm with roots in pre-World War I days. Like most young men of his time, Alfred Ecclestone’s career was interrupted by his service in the Canadian Army World War II. After the war, Alf Ecclestone resumed his practice and embarked upon almost 50 years of distinguished service taking on new partners along the way.

The roots of the modern firm were planted in 1981 with the formation of Ecclestone, Chykaliuk, Allan & Hamer. Brian Poisson joined the firm in 1986, along with Charles Neuwald. Following the deaths of Alfred Ecclestone in 1992 and Michael Chykaliuk in 1993, the present partnership evolved. Michael Freeman joined the firm in 1996 and the current name was inaugurated in 1999. Brian Poisson passed away too young in 2016 and is sorely missed. Simon Valleau joined the firm in 2001. The current partnership since 2007 includes Tom Hamer, Charles Neuwald, Michael Freeman and Simon Valleau.

Our current partnership has carried on the tradition or our predecessors in our commitment to the delivery of high-quality legal services at reasonable cost to a wide community in the Greater Toronto Area. The modern practice of law requires a new approach with access to new technology and a fast-paced responsiveness, and we keep up with the technological advances in the practice of law while keeping an eye on the core role we play as givers of learned advice and thorough service.

We look forward to growing the firm in the coming years by continuing to bring on talented associates and skilled staff. In 2018, we are pleased to welcome Andrew Chudnovsky as our associate upon his call to the bar.