Rural and Recreational Properties

Use experienced counsel to complete transactions involving rural properties such as farmland or vacant land, and recreational properties such as cottages, hunting and gaming tracts, and so on.  These properties involve different issues than urban residential properties.  Private water and sewage require inspection, approval and certification documents.  Tanked fuel (propane or fuel-oil) requires pre-fill and closing adjustment.  Wood heating requires WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certification.  Unorganized non-municipal land requires Provincial due diligence searches for taxes and restrictions.  Often these properties have local Conservation Authority or Ministry of Environment restrictions that need to be searched and cleared.  Waterfront property often has shoreline road allowances and access easements to consider.  Public road access and, if applicable, water access need to be confirmed.  You want us to ensure that any building or development plans you have will meet local zoning requirements.  We are experienced in selling and buying rural properties; please reach out to our partner, Simon Valleau, to discuss your plans to sell or buy rural properties in Ontario.

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