Month: April 2023

Rural and Recreational Properties

Use experienced counsel to complete transactions involving rural properties such as farmland or vacant land, and recreational properties such as cottages, hunting and gaming tracts, and so on.  These properties involve different issues than urban residential properties.  Private water and sewage require inspection, approval and certification documents.  Tanked fuel (propane or fuel-oil) requires pre-fill and closing adjustment.  Wood heating requires WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certification.  Unorganized non-municipal land requires Provincial due diligence searches for taxes and restrictions.  Often these

Construction Financing

We are experienced in dealing with Construction Financing Mortgages and other Construction Financing arrangements. Construction financing can often involve complex security arrangements with cross-property financing, multiple guarantees, non-title security agreements, stacked mortgage security, interim draw conditions and so on. There are often complex funding conditions to navigate. We are experienced in bringing these mortgage and financing arrangements to completion for our clients and it is best to use experienced counsel on these deals in order to achieve your goals expertly