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Differentiating Commercial Lease Terms

Gross Lease; Net Lease; Double Net; Triple Net.  What do these terms mean?  What is the appropriate Commercial Lease for your circumstances? It is not simply a case of what’s the best form of lease for the landlord or for the tenant.  Each arrangement, or a blended arrangement, has advantages and disadvantages for either party depending on the premises, term and business involved.  The best arrangement for our clients, landlord or tenant, is not always an obvious choice.  A Gross

Family Trust Settlements

We have recently completed the settlement of property out of a complex Family Trust, into the ownership of the trust beneficiaries. A trust is a legal entity that can hold assets, invest, and enter into contracts with third parties. There are a number of potential benefits to setting up a trust, including reducing tax payable on death, estate planning and the transfer of wealth, and protecting assets, among others. The recent trust settlement we acted on involved a number of

New Rent Relief for Commercial Tenants

The Government of Canada has introduced a new plan for assisting Commercial Tenants during the Covid-19 Pandemic.